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Fix Your Broken CEO-CTO Marriage!
Welcome to our webinar where you will learn about how to get to the root of all evil.
Development is too slow! Engineering teams are spending too much time discussing abstract ideas. They are expensive. Every kid can build our website within a day.
The CEO does not understand the complexity of their own product but only sees the tip of the iceberg. Developers are already working in the most efficient way. Creating artificial deadlines nicely makes things worse and adds technical debt.
Surely we need deadlines! The CTO does not behave like a founder; they do not see the urgency to deliver. They do not have the entire company in mind and do not act as an executive. The CTO is always slowing us down with "No, no, no, can't do". We need people who say "yes".
I'm "yes" if we would go one way. The CEO lacks vision. They do not do their job and do not create alignment among the team, so everyone runs in different directions, and marketing, sales, and product want different things from tech!
Target Group
This webinar is targeted at CEOs and CTOs equally.
We will discuss different issues from both sides' perspectives.
What To Expect From Our Webinar
At the webinar, you can learn from our experts about their struggles and how they eventually overcame difficult situations.
Sit down and lay back with a cup of coffee or tea. Relax when seeing others have the same challenges. Rest assured you're not alone.
Insights from experts
Two experts will give dirty insights into the world of start-up management and how you can handle it. Learn how to structure the CEO and CTO relationship, so it works. Learn how to set up the process to make it work for the CTO and CEO. Understand each other for better collaboration. Run in the shoes of each other.
Comments and discussion
After the webinar, you can ask questions, talk about your challenges, and exchange your experiences with other webinar participants and the speakers.
Stephan Schmidt
CTO coach at Amazing CTO
As a CTO, Interim CTO, CTO Coach Stephan has seen many technology departments in fast-growing startups. As a kid, he taught himself coding in a department store around 1981 because he wanted to write video games. Stephan studied computer science with distributed systems and artificial intelligence. He has founded a VC-funded startup, worked in VC-funded, fast-growing startups with architecture, processes and growth challenges, worked as a manager for ImmoScout, and was a CTO of eBay. After his wife successfully sold her startup, they moved to the sea, and he took up CTO coaching.
Sebastian Galonska
CTO coach at
Sebastian's technology journey began at the tender age of 9, when he first learned to program. Since then he’s worked and managed teams in the social space - where he built the framework for Germany’s largest social network, StudiVZ. In 2012, he stumbled into the fin-tech space when joining the founding team of BERGFÜRST. In 2015, he created Kontist, Germany’s Freelance Bank. Today, Sebastian is working as a CTO coach and mentor, helping other CTOs to grow while fighting their necessary daily battles.