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Our coaches have been there and done that so they are technically also mentors. They went through troublesome situations and learned from them.
Tap into their experience and become a better leader!
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Who We Are
Stephan Schmidt
CTO coach at Amazing CTO
As a CTO, Interim CTO, CTO Coach Stephan has seen many technology departments in fast-growing startups. As a kid he taught himself coding in a department store around 1981 because he wanted to write video games. Stephan studied computer science with distributed systems and artificial intelligence. He has founded a VC funded startup, worked in VC funded, fast growing startups with architecture, processes and growth challenges, worked as a manager for ImmoScout and as a CTO of an eBay. After his wife successfully sold her startup, they moved to the sea and Stephan took up CTO coaching.
Sebastian Galonska
CTO coach at
Sebastian's technology journey began at the tender age of 9 when he first learned to program. Since then he’s worked and managed teams in the social space - where he built the framework for Germany’s largest social network. In 2012 he stumbled into the fin-tech space and stuck with it ever since. In 2012, he built BERGFÜRST, In 2015, he created Kontist, Germany’s Freelance Bank. Today, Sebastian is working as a CTO coach and mentor, helping other CTOs with growing into fighting the necessary daily battles.